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BAK Tailgate Storage Units

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Protect your tailgate and organize your bed with a Gate Mate. With 3 lockable storage bins, you will be able to keep all your supplies safe and organized.
Product Reviews
4 out of 5 stars A Little Versatility . . .
Review for: GateMate tailgate storage unit with 3 lockable storage bins
From San Francisco, CA Reviewer: Paul McGrorey   Own this product - Yes
Vehicle: 2001 FORD F-150
. . . will go a long way with this little unit. It was easy to work with on the mounting to the tailgate and took only 20 minutes (aproximately) from start to finish. I did however find it advantageous to add a bit of weatherstripping to the edges to ensure that items inside are protected completely from the elements;primarily moisture. The only downsides I found were that the unit does not mount onto the taligate as a substitute for a factory bedliner gate piece and the depth of the storage units is shallow. Overall, I can now travel with a full set of bungees, a heavy duty jumper cable, a set of cargo straps and a few emergency tools with bits of heater hose(ya never know) without taking up all my rear underseat space. A good buy nonetheless.
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