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4 out of 5 stars Banks Exhaust Brake
Review for: Banks Brake System
From Oroville, Ca. Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
Works well but needs to have the translock (for auto trans.) in conjunction to work very well. It was easy to install; directions were straight forward. I noticed increased HP gains.
5 out of 5 stars As Promised
Review for: Banks TransCommand - E4OD Automatic
From Cedar City UT Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
When I read the ad that said all the good things about Trans Command I felt that if even half of those claims where valid I couldnt go wrong.Let me tell you, The installation took about 30 Min. And the best part is that ALL of the ad was completely true. My milage picked up about 1 mpg and the Trans Command delivers a solid shift regardless of the relative RPM and speed.

Thank you for a reliable product that has definately improved my ride.
4 out of 5 stars GAUGE PANEL
Review for: 4-Gauge Panel Mount Instrument Panel
From Monroe, N.J. Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
The gauge panel arrived a few weeks later than promised, but the quality was good, and it was as described in the catalog.
4 out of 5 stars Functional, But Bright!
Review for: 2in Transmission Oil Temperature Gauge
From Seattle, WA Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
Overall a nice looking good quality gauge.

Includes everything you need to install including a 1/8 NPT threaded sender, wiring, and a 1/8 NPT spacer which can be used to weld onto a transmission fluid pan if desired. Per the detailed Banks instructions, I installed it easily in a pressure test port on a Dodge 47RE transmission. However, this location results in low temperature readings until the transmission gets hot. During the next fluid change Ill likely weld the threaded boss to the fluid pan and move the sender there for more accurate readings.

Pro: I especially like the color coded range markings on the face. At a glance theres no guesswork as to whats an acceptable temp reading.

One slight con: This gauge is significantly *brighter* than two other Banks gauges I bought at the same time (an EGT and a boost gauge). It seems the internal design of this gauge is somehow different so and lets more light through. Painting the bulb fixed the problem (not an uncommon practice with gauges from what Ive read on the net).
5 out of 5 stars Great Banks Quality!
Review for: Banks Brake System
From Seattle, WA Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
Vehicle: 2001 DODGE Ram 2500
Coupled with a Banks Smartlock transmission controller on my Dodge 47RE auto transmission, this exhaust brake works exactly as advertised. Its very well designed and all components are first rate quality.

The detailed step-by-step installation instructions included with the kit are first rate. It took me a full day to complete (working at a slow careful pace), but once finished I was surprised at just how easy it was to install. Best of all, it worked perfectly on the first try!

Once you own one of these, you wont ever want to tow a heavy load in a diesel truck without one again!
5 out of 5 stars Easy Install / Works Flawlessly
Review for: SmartLock TransBrake For Models With Automatic Transmission
From Seattle, WA Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
Following the supplied step=by-step instructions, this high-quality device was a lot easier to install on my Dodge 47RE transmission than I expected. In typical Banks fashion, it fit perfectly (kind of surprising in this age of cheap imported stuff).

It works exactly as advertised, and when activated keeps the transmission clutch solidly locked right down to 1200 engine rpm. It really improves the function of a Banks exhaust brake I also installed earlier.

Two thumbs up!
5 out of 5 stars difference of night and day
Review for: Banks TransCommand - 4R100 Automatic
From NM Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
I read the reviews before I ordered, and could feel the slippage when pulling out and shifting. I thought this would improve performance, but never expected the fantastic results of taking off the line like it had twice as much power. Easy install except for removing 2 of the 3 heat shield bolts, which were very inaccessible on top of frame (E450, V10, Winnebago). I was much more impressed with the performance from this item than I was with the expensive, and hard to install, performance exhaust.
4 out of 5 stars High quality header!
Review for: TorqueTube System
From washington Reviewer: brandon hintz   Own this product - Yes
Vehicle: 1994 JEEP Wrangler
This is a very nicely built product. The welds are of very high quality and it fits perfectly on the head with no modification needed. I used a Remflex gasket instead of the supplied one as it is not as special as they make it sound. You might have trouble with the collector fitting corectly to the head pipe as it is almost twice the size as the stock pipe. I just kept tighting until the head pipe gouged into the donut gasket for a good enough seal. It took me a liitle over three hours from start to finish and I recommend a set of racheting end wrenches. The lows of the product are I didnt notice any low end torque gain and only a little more peppy in the higher upper rpm. I gave it a 4 because it seemed like alot of money to spend for a very little performance gain. But anything helps when it comes to the 4 banger jeep right?
5 out of 5 stars Banks and Autometer gauges
Review for: 2in Engine Oil Temperature Gauge
From Elkhart IN. Reviewer: Daniel Fine   Own this product - Yes
The banks and autometer gauges look great in my truck, and work great. Thanks for being such a great company to deal with.
5 out of 5 stars Banks six-gun diesel turner
Review for: Six-Gun Diesel Tuner
From San Diego, CA Reviewer: Ed Underwood   Own this product - Yes
Vehicle: 2004 CHEVY/GMC TRUCK Silverado/Sierra 2500 Heavyduty
2004 Chevy 2500HD Duramax LLY I have chosen this product because I've heard nothing but good things about it. I also have researched that Banks puts alot of testing before selling their product. They ensure their product safe guards against damaging engine parts, transmission, computer, etc.. I've paid big bucks for my truck and was leary about putting any product on it that might void the warranty. I have found that some dealerships install Banks products on newly purchased vehicles. It brought much more life to the performance of my diesel engine and am able to adjust the amount of performance as needed. I highly recommend their products to anyone. You might pay a little more, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for!!
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