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Banks Performance Big Hoss Bundle

Banks Performance Big Hoss Bundle
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The ultimate power creating, tire shredding kit has arrived in the form of the Banks Big Hoss Bundle. Gale Banks combines the best of his highly engineered components to develop a kit that is for only for those serious about unleashing their diesels unto the unsuspecting road. Banks starts with its Ram-Air intake, improving airflow, follows it with the Techni-Cooler intercooler, creating a denser, cooler air charge. Then the Big Hoss reduces backpressure and increases exhaust flow by replacing the stock exhaust with Banks' free flowing, stainless steel Monster exhaust. If throwing in the kitchen sink would make more power, Gale Banks would have included it in this all-inclusive kit. The Banks Ram-Air Intake System improves airflow up to 57 percent, increases power & fuel economy, reduces exhaust gas temps (EGTs) and wasteful black smoke. The 100 percent stainless steek 4inch Monster Exhaust (single or dual) more than doubles stock flow, slashes backpressure, lowers EGTs & delivers a rich, authoritative sound; duals safely clear spare tire; huge polished tip(s). The Six-Gun Diesel Tuner calibrates fuel tuning to the airflow upgrades for more continuous power while the PowerPDA vehicle command center adds touch-screen control & versatility. Durable, high performance products install easily. Every component in the Big Hoss Bundle is engineered to optimize the performance of all the other Banks components for maximum efficiency, power & long-lasting quality. And finally, The Big Hoss bundle saves you money. The entire kit is cheaper than buying all these modifications a la-carte.
Big Hoss delivers big power. Banks has bundled together a set of kits designed to work together to give you the maximum power and torque, adding power safely has never been easier. Six Gun tuner with PDA kit (Tungsten PDA sold separately), adjustable monitoring and electronic tuning of pulse width, timing, and fuel pressure. Banks Techni-Cooler and Cold Air Kit for cooler, denser air.rAnd Banks Monster Exhaust, for reduced backpressure.