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Flex-A-Lite Variable Speed Control

Flex-A-Lite Variable Speed Control
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Attaches to or near the electric engine-cooling fan. Senses coolant temperature via the radiator core and sets fan speed from 60% to 100% depending on built-in fan thermostat setting. Allows greater control over engine temperature; reduces charging spikes and current load on charging system. Directs fan to run for 30 seconds after vehicle is turned off.
Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars Flex-A-Lite Variable Speed Controller
Review for: Variable Speed Control
From Texas Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
The directions made it very easy to install. Works great. It is easily adjustable to any temperature you desire.
4 out of 5 stars Good temperature control!!!!
Review for: Variable Speed Control
From Monterrey, Mexico Reviewer: Jose Ygnacio Aranda Suarez   Own this product - Yes
It is a realy good product, installation only took me an hour. It can really control the temp of the motor even in extreme out side temperatures. A/C system cools even better than before.
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