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Holley Auxiliary Injector Driver Kit

Holley Auxiliary Injector Driver Kit
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This module is designed to work with ECUs (like the Holley Commander 950) that have four (4) peak to hold drivers. What this module does is expand the ECU's capability to control eight (8) peak to hold drivers, allowing the use of eight (8) low impedance injectors. With this additional capability, running either a 2x4 throttle body set-up or 8 low impedance injectors in a multi-point system is a reality. Four (4) injectors can be programmed to activate at low throttle openings. This feature alone can greatly increase around-town driveability and off-idle throttle response. It also eliminates any potential tuning problems with the idle system, as you would have with an injector pulse width that is too low at idle speeds. With the ability to control up to eight (8) low impedance multi-point fuel injectors, the Commander 950 can control Holley injectors with flow ratings of 55, 65, 75, 85 and 95 pounds per hour. The 95 pounds per hour Holley injector can provide enough fuel to supply and engine rated up to 1,600 horsepower.