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Holley Systemax Engine Kit

Holley Systemax Engine Kit
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The MAXimum Performance Holley SysteMAX II package was uncompromisingly designed for the person who will settle for nothing but the ultimate engine performance package. The cam is more radical than the typical run-of-the-mill grind. Lift and duration have been made to be rather aggressive and it makes great power throughout the RPM band. This cam is about as bad as you can get and still have decent manifold vacuum and low end throttle response. A great set of high-flowing heads tops off these packages and will really help to MAXimize the performance potential of each component. This truly is a well-thought-out engine package, composed of top-notch components that all work in total unison to provide the strongest and most usable stable of horsepower on the market today.

Kit Contents

Hydraulic Camshaft and Lifters
Aluminum Dual Plane Intake Manifold
Double Roller Timing Chain and Gears
Fully Assembled Aluminum Cylinder Heads, P/N 300-552-1
Hardened Push Rods
ARP Cylinder Head Bolts
Assembly Lube

Camshaft Specifications

Intake Valve Gross Lift/Duration: .490in/290�
Exhaust Valve Gross Lift/Duration: .490in/297�
Intake Valve Duration @ .050in: 235�
Exhaust Valve Duration @ .050in: 240�
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.5
Intake Valve Lobe Centerline: 107�
Lobe Separation: 112�


The kit comes with flat tappet, quick bleed hydraulic lifters that are designed to work fast and live with the higher stresses of a high performance engine.

Push Rods

The push rods included with the SysteMAX II kit are 8.040in length and specially hardened to withstand severe usage.

Intake Manifold

An aluminum, dual plane, high-rise design configured to make excellent power from just off-idle to 6500 RPM, the rev limit of the SysteMAX II package. The runner cross-section is large and smooth-flowing to allow an unobstructed flow of the air/fuel mixture from the carburetor to the intake valves. Special care was taken to ensure that the manifold's flow characteristics closely matched that of the SysteMAX II package to provide maximum performance. The MAXimum Performance kit manifold has no EGR provision. Manifold has a square carburetor mounting flange.

Timing Chain & Gears

The double roller timing chain and gears provide for more consistently precise timing and, therefore, power.

Cylinder Heads

Holley aluminum (356-T6) cylinder heads are light in weight and offer heavy-duty performance. The intake and exhaust runners are configured to optimize breathing and the large, three-angle valves provide excellent intake and exhaust flow. The combustion chambers are performance designs engineered to deliver optimum power from every combustion stroke. Heavy-duty valve springs and rocker arms insure high RPM reliability and performance.

SysteMAX II Recommendations (parts not included)

Chevrolet 350 CID short block
4-bolt Mains
10.0:1 Compression Ratio
Forged Steel Crankshaft
Lunati Rods, P/N LAH1
Lunati Flat Top Pistons, P/N 13H1J250
Speed Pro Rings, File Fit

Holley testing was conducted with a 750 CFM vacuum secondary carburetor, P/N 0-4779S. A good set of 1-3/4in tube headers, used in conjunction with some high-flow/low-back-pressure mufflers is definitely recommended. If you're running a beefed-up TH-350 automatic transmission then a 3,000+ RPM stall converter will help lower drag strip times. If you're running a TH-700R4 automatic transmission, a 2,500+ RPM stall converter will perform best. For all-around great street/strip performance a rear axle ratio of around 3.55 should be used. A set of Lunati, P/N 84146, roller rocker arms is also recommended. New, top quality gaskets for your specific application are required separately and are not part of the package.

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Holley 300-501-1 SysteMAX Engine Kit For Ford 5.0L H.O. EFI Engine
Note: Fits 1986 to 1993 Vehicles/Engines Only
Retail Price: $3705.99
Sale Price:
Shipping: Free!
Usually ships within 72 hours. Details:
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Holley 300-502 SysteMAX I Engine Kit For Small Block Chevrolet
Note: Fits Small Block V8s From 1968-1986
Retail Price: $505.99
Sale Price:
Shipping: Free!
Usually ships within 72 hours. Details:
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Holley 300-503-1 SysteMAX Engine Kit For Small Block Chevrolet
Note: Fits 302, 327 and 350 V8s
Note: Fits Small Block V8s From 1968-1986
Retail Price: $2340.99
Sale Price:
Shipping: Free!
Usually ships within 72 hours. Details:
No Reviews. Review This Item.