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Painless 30816 HB5 Headlight Relay Conversion Harness

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To get maximum power from your headlights, it is recommended to have the shortest possible distance between the power source and the bulbs. Stock headlight wiring is not designed to handle high power halogen headlights, especially when upgrading to a higher wattage. Running the power through the switch is an even worse situation. Resistance in small gauge wire or in the switch will lower the output at the lamp. Be safe. Painless headlight harnesses draw power directly from the battery, through a relay, to the headlights, providing full power to your H-4 conversion headlights or Halogen sealed beams. They can also be used to relocate headlamps to a remote location (to accommodate a snow plow, for example). Made with TXL high temp wire, waterproof 30-amp fuse, and 2 40-amp waterproof relays capable of handling up to 150 watts.
Manufacturer Information
Item: Headlight Relay Conversion Harness/Late Style
Item Number: 30816
Approximate Item Package Dimensions: 13" x 7" x 5"
Approximate Item Package Weight: 3 lbs

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