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Banks 49140 PowerPack System

Banks 49140 PowerPack System Banks 49140 PowerPack System
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HP & Torque
53 HP / 69 Ft. Lbs. Torque…7% Mileage Increase
Owners installation manual with detailed installation instructions included. Installation typically takes around 7.5 Hours.
Smog Legal
50 State Emissions Legal
Tech Notes
EGR Vehicles: In order to determine if your vehicle is equipped with EGR, look for a large threaded fitting on the left (drivers) side exhaust manifold, top of second port.

Wheelbase: Wheelbases over 208-inches may require extension kit. To determine wheelbase length, measure from the center front wheel to the center drive wheel.

Although the 6.8L V-10 Triton has two more cylinders than Ford's discontinued 7.5L V-8, its nominally 10% smaller capacity makes optimal engine efficiency critical to power production. If there's one thing Banks engineers know, it's that engine airflow is the key to efficiency and power. That expertise earned Banks the record for World's Fastest Motorhome: a PowerPacked Ford 6.8L V-10 Class-C Chinook that blasted past General Motor's record at 99.7 mph! Banks' stainless-steel PowerPack unleashes best gains of +53 hp, +69 lb-ft torque, and 7% better mileage.
Manufacturer Information
Item: Powerpack System 97-03 Ford 6.8L Mh A, Egr, L
Item Number: 49140
Approximate Item Package Weight: 101 lbs
Approximate Item Package Weight: 71 lbs

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