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K&N 57-1517-2 FIPK Cold Air Intake Fuel Injection Perfomance Kit

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HP & Torque
Estimated Horsepower Gain 11.68 HP At 4553 RPM
Includes Air Filter/Heat Shield/Tubing/Intake Tube
Smog Legal
50 State Smog Legal E.O. D-269-25
Tech Notes
To clean filter, first brush off any large embedded dirt. Then spray on the K&N cleaner and let it soak for 10 minutes. Next, Rinse off the element with LOW pressure water. (Always flush from the clean side to the dirty side.) Then allow filter to dry NATURALLY. After filter has dried re-oil with K&N air filter oil only. Apply evenly to entire filter making sure to oil down into each pleat. Then re-install making sure the element seats properly in the filter case.
These break-through engineering designs contain all the performance improvements you expect from K&N, but with even greater benefits. What is truly remarkable about the Generation II kits is that they consistently achieve incredible horsepower gains even under varying atmospheric conditions. This process is accomplished by replacing the entire air intake tract, thus isolating the cold air and directing the air through this truly unique chamber delivery system. This process may or may not include a heat shield.
Manufacturer Information
Item Number: 57-1517-2
Approximate Item Package Dimensions: 28" x 13" x 10"
Approximate Item Package Weight: 11 lbs

Optional Items
Recharger Filter Care Service Kit (Aerosol Oil)  $11.38  

Product Reviews
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4 out of 5 stars Nice bolt on application!

Reviewer: From A Customer  Own this product - Yes
From Waterloo, ON
With the cold weather it took me a few attempts to install my FIPK on my 2000 Durango R/T. The instructions were good, but mine suffered from poor print quality and the small images didnt help my install go smoothly. Took an hour and a half in -12C weather. I really notice a difference in the 2000-3000rpm range. I also have a Fastman 52mm TB, MSD 6A and Taylor wires installed. I did notice that with the shield in place around the filter element, it didnt seal all around. Another plus is that its a good pound lighter than the stock air box!
5 out of 5 stars 2000 Dodge Dakota RT 5.9
Reviewer: From A Customer  Own this product - Yes
From Bisbee, Az. - Vehicle: 2000 DODGE Dakota
Received K&N Gen II fresh air intake from in a very timely fashion. This system was VERY easy to install and came with easy to follow instructions. The hardest part of the whole installation process was installing the moulding around the heat shield.Total installation time took approximately two hours. The vehicle on which this system was installed (2000 Dodge Dakota RT 5.9) was already a powerful machine prior to this installation, although fuel mileage had a lot to be desired. This vehicle also has a Magnaflow exhaust system with Chrysler performance headers on it. Fuel mileage always hovered around 15mpg prior to the K&N air intake installation. Immediately upon installation of this system there was a HUGE improvement in throttle response and the feel of the overall difference in added horsepower is awesome. I have ran three tanks of gas through this truck since installing this system and am consistently getting right at 17.5mpg. WOW, what an amazing difference this is going to make with gas prices like they are right now. After doing some math, at this much of a mpg increase, this system should pay for itself in about three oil changes and I still have the added benefit of much better throttle response and additional horsepower. I guess it is obvious that I am very pleased with this system and I would recommend it to anyone. I am considering purchasing another for my wifes 2001 Durango. K&N has always produced a quality product and they have done it again. I also recommend using They make buying quality merchandise a very painless process at a very fair price.
5 out of 5 stars More Roar Under The Hood
Reviewer: Nate Rose  Own this product - Yes
From Oxford, MI - Vehicle: 2000 Dakota DODGE
I Drive a 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T and was looking for some more power to spin my tires. i ordered the K&N GEN. II intake because of what i know about their guarantees and performance. it took about an hour and a half to put in with an un-organized tool bench, but the instructions were very easy to read and understand. Having this intake on my truck gives it almost a supercharger type sound at immediate throttle push and definetly gives more mid-range to top end power...worth the money for sure!
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