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Edelbrock 65022 Ceramic Coated Shorty Header

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HP & Torque
15-20 HP/25 ft lbs Torque
Direct replacement of the stock exhaust manifolds, header bolts up to the existing stock Y-Pipe/Crossover pipe. No cutting or welding required. Takes between 3 And 6 hours depending on application. Only simple hand tools required All hardware, gaskets, and instructions included.
Smog Legal
50 State Smog Legal
Direct replacements that deliver seat-of-the-pants performance over stock exhaust manifolds! The Edelbrock headers have outstanding performance features such as mandrel-bent tubes and laser-cut or stamped flanges. They are direct replacements for stock manifolds, so installation is simple using the factory crossover pipe. Headers for throttle body injected engines are made of 17-gauge stainless steel to withstand the high-heat environment, other Edelbrock headers are made of durable 16-gauge mild steel. Coated with Edelbrock's new Ti-Tech finish, these headers are heat stable up to 1600 degrees and will actually flux, becoming harder and abrasion resistant at higher temperatures, unlike other coatings.
Manufacturer Information
Item: 02 Shorty Header Ceramic Coated GM 4.8/5.3
Item Number: 65022
Approximate Item Package Dimensions: 24" x 15" x 7"
Approximate Item Package Weight: 23 lbs

Optional Items
D-Nut Header Flange Gasket  $24.03  

Product Reviews
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5 out of 5 stars Edelbrock 65022

Reviewer: From A Customer  Own this product - Yes
From Tulsa - Vehicle: 2002 CHEVY/GMC TRUCK Silverado/Sierra 1500 Lightduty
Great Product, They look sweet under the hood, easy to install the hardest part was taking the stock intake mannys off. noticed alittle power gains. double ur your gaskets like i did and you wont have to worry about leaks.
2 out of 5 stars These are an Edelbrock product?
Reviewer: Vincent Weisenberg  Own this product - Yes
From Charlotte NC
These headers were not to difficult to install (didn't line up too well but a good pry bar did the trick), but #1 I'm not that impressed with the finish. The "ceramic" coating isn't that great. They are less than a year old and starting to rust pretty badly. I have a set of Hooker super comps on my 73 T/A that I had coated at airborn coatings 5 years ago that look better. Also, I see that some of you other guys have had problems with leaks. Mine are leaking on the drivers side, but I haven't replaced the gasket yet. It sounds like I should make up some copper gaskets ( because I know I won't find any for sale) to seal up the leak. Might try 2 gaskets first. As far as more power or mileage, didn't notice any difference in either. The stock manifolds looked like they had bigger ports on them (6.0 liter).For Edelbrock's, they are not very high quality. If these are made in USA, I'd hate to be the plant that made them or coated them. Don't recommend these headers for the money. Go with the Gibsons. I have friends with them. They are much better quality.
1 out of 5 stars One star because all they do is look good (none if i could)
Reviewer: Kyle Vandell  Own this product - Yes
From home
I purchased these headers a while ago and let me tell you i've, never had more trouble trying to fit anything up that was this hard in a while. I've spent countless hours and money and still have never been able to get these headers to fit right. The connection to the y-pipe is off about half an inch or more and the rear ports keep leaking even when torqued properly. Not even trying to re-align the y-pipe has worked. I am a full time mechanic at mercedes-benz in VA and also own my second 69 camaro so i know what its like to put headers on. i would not recommend this product to anyone who does not want to waste their time and i have to say i now own something that "MR. Vic Edelbrok would not be proud to put his name on." This modd has cost me over $650 now with no results.
3 out of 5 stars install easy
Reviewer: Kenneth Vunck Jr  Own this product - Yes
From Saint Peters,MO - Vehicle: 2002 Avalanche CHEVY TRUCK
The install was easy,but the performance gains ???Felt as though seat of the pants acceleration was improved but highway milage was worse by about 1 MPG.Truck also has Gibson cat-back system and K&N air cleaner.
4 out of 5 stars Good performance, tough install
Reviewer: From A Customer  Own this product - Yes
From ca - Vehicle: 2005 CHEVY/GMC TRUCK Silverado/Sierra 1500 Lightduty
I am happy with the performance that I am getting, but I couldn't get them to seal up right. I took them off and put them back on a couple of times but it would always leak around the rear ports. I finally took it into a muffler shop and they made some gaskets for it that worked.
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