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K&N 57-2502 57 Series Fuel Injection Performance Air Intake Kit - Clamp-on With Adapter; Brackets

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HP & Torque
16 HP/20 lb ft Torque
Includes Air Filter/Hardware
Smog Legal
50 State Smog Legal E.O. D-269-8
Tech Notes
To clean the filter, first brush off any large embedded dirt. Then spray on the K&N cleaner and let it soak for 10 minutes. Next, Rinse off the element with LOW pressure water. (Always flush from the clean side to the dirty side.) Then allow filter to dry NATURALLY. After filter has dried re-oil with K&N air filter oil only. Apply evenly to entire filter making sure to oil down into each pleat. Then re-install making sure the element seats properly in the filter case.
The Fuel Injection Performance Kit (FIPK) was designed to promote performance in fuel injected stock engines by creating air filtration with the least resistance in air flow. The benefit of low resistance air filters can be felt directly in throttle response. In addition to the filter, these kits have uniquely designed adapters. These adapters create a radius entry which reduces restriction and allows the engine to ingest an even greater volume of air. To design such an assembly, two factors must be considered: the air filtering element and the air filter adapter. The FIPK combines a precision high-flow K&N air filter element with other necessary components, depending on the specific application.
Manufacturer Information
Item: FIPK; FORD MUSTANG; V8-5.0L; 89-93
Item Number: 57-2502
Approximate Item Package Dimensions: 9" x 15" x 10"
Approximate Item Package Weight: 4 lbs

Optional Items
Recharger Filter Care Service Kit (Aerosol Oil)  $11.38  

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