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Hella 002395301 7inch Round Vision Plus Conversion Headlamp (Sold Individually)

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For vehicles fitted with 7inch round, two headlamp systems. Replaces H6024.
The Hella Vision Plus takes headlamp performance higher than ever before. Until now, headlamps with this level of performance were only available in Europe or for off-road and racing in the United States. The Hella Vision Plus is based on European headlamp technology, but conforms to SAE/DOT standards for street and highway use. It delivers the brightest, most powerful lighting available at the maximum legal limit, without increasing glare. To deliver the maximum in lighting performance, the Hella Vision Plus features an advanced HB2 (9003) halogen bulb and a highly-polished metal reflector. The Hella Vision Plus is not only brighter than a standard sealed beam headlamp, the lamp's advanced optics also provide a more uniform, controlled and even illumination on the road. In fact, the Hella Vision Plus produces a 50% more powerful beam on low beam, and a 25% more powerful beam on high beam than standard halogen sealed beam headlamps. This produces a greater range of vision for the driver, improves driver safety, and reduces driver strain and fatigue. The Hella Vision Plus features a replaceable bulb to minimize waste and save money. When the halogen bulb requires replacement, it can be easily and economically replaced without replacing the complete headlamp.
Manufacturer Information
Item: HLMP 7IN. 165MM HB2 12V SAE VP
Item Number: 002395301
Approximate Item Package Dimensions: 6" x 8" x 8"
Approximate Item Package Weight: 2 lbs

Product Reviews
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5 out of 5 stars I can see the light!

Reviewer: Jonathan Rubin  Own this product - Yes
From Chicago, IL
After a year of wasting money with the junk on eBay, I finally tried the Hellas. What a difference! Even playing with high output bulbs (for off road purposes), they didnt compare to the Hella lamps. Theyre amazing and well worth the price in performance and safety.

Dont waste your money or your time on those Diamond or Projector style lamps (especially the latter). Theyre just not worth it.
4 out of 5 stars Great upgrade for older Porsche
Reviewer: From A Customer  Own this product - Yes
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I needed to take some longer trips, in the evenings and the dull yellow of the original (sealed beam) headlamps made it difficult to travel at night.

These replacements were very easy to install and provide a much better, whiter light than the originals. I especially like the fact that the halogen bulbs are replaceable and different color temperatures are available for even clearer lighting.

I would highly recommend this upgrade to anyone with older sealed beam headlamps.
5 out of 5 stars Nice product
Reviewer: From A Customer  Own this product - Yes
From Colorado
I received these headlights quickly and they fit perfectly. I am very satisfied with their performance since I am a past Hella owner/user.
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