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Lock Right Locking Differential

Lock Right Locking Differential
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The Powertrax Lock-Right Locker is the original locking differential that could be easily installed in existing case assemblies without special tools. It has been widely used in demanding off-road applications around the world. For traction output, strength and durability, the Powertrax Lock-Right Locker rivals much more expensive competitive lockers. It is a leading product because the Lock-Right delivers as much traction output, its end assembly is exceptionally strong, is much less expensive, and does not require professional installation. Although smoother than other competitive locking differentials, the brute force characteristics of the Powertrax Lock-Right Locker limit general application in less tolerant and more mainstream applications. In some vehicles, you will hear a light clicking noise as the gears are overrunning themselves and allowing the wheels to differentiate in a turn. This is normal of most lockers on the market today. We recommend the Lock-Right for vehicles that are primarily driven in severe driving conditions or are used for recreational off-road. For vehicles that are driven daily or require more mainstream application, the Powertrax No-Slip Traction System offers a quieter and smoother performance.