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Perma Cool Remote Oil Thermostat

Perma Cool Remote Oil Thermostat
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Oil Thermostats make your oil system more efficient, bypassing the oil cooler when the motor oil isn't hot enough. This is useful when the outside temperatures are too hot and you need the engine to reach operating temperature. Perma-Cool Oil Thermostats are an easy-to-install item that compliments their oil cooler systems.
Maintaining proper oil temperature is critical in today's sophisticated engines and automatic transmissions. Installation of an auxiliary oil cooler helps keep the oil below the 200F maximum temperature. However, installation of a remote oil thermostat, in addition to an oil cooler, will help warm the oil up to operating temperatures faster. That is a plus at start-up or on cold days when the oil is thick and takes longer to get into the oil galleys. When oil temperature exceeds 180F the thermostatic valve closes, allowing 95% flow through the oil cooler. At temperatures below 180F the valve is open, with 90% of the oil bypassing the cooler. The remaining 10% of the oil flows through the cooler, maintaining constant system pressure, preventing air pockets and eliminating cold oil shock. Flows up to 20 gallons per minute (GPM). Rated to 200 psi.
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5 out of 5 stars Perma-cool Oil Thermostat
Review for: Remote Oil Thermostat with 3/8inch NPT(int) Ports
From Tennessee Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
Well built peice, easy to install with new system. Clearly an easy addition to add with an existing system as well, even an off brand. Recommend also getting the installation kit with this item.
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