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Painless Relay Base Ports

Painless Relay Base Ports
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This Relay Base Port is made of high impact ABS thermo plastic. This is the same relay base Painless uses on all their products. Terminals are included.
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4 out of 5 stars Relay base
Review for: Relay Base Port
From Mosier, Oregon Reviewer: From A Customer   Own this product - Yes
I like this type of relay base because it mounts to a surface with a screw and stays in place. The relay plugs into it. You can take the relay out and the base and wires stay in place. Other brands have a relay with a screw tab on the case. The relay stays attached and you have to remove the base with the wires attached. Thats a real unhandy mess especially if you want to swap relays for a test. Also the painless relay bases clip together so if you have several, they can be mounted in a nice row. The supplied crimp on terminals snap right into the base. You can use the wire size and color of your choice.
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