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Perma Cool 19008 12inch High Performance Electric Fan

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Turbo-Flex Electric Fans are designed to assist belt-driven fans when additional cooling is required, to replace factory electric fans for equal or better air flow at a lower cost, or to replace the factory driven fan for improved engine performance and better gas mileage. All Turbo-Flex electric fans are pre-assembled and shipped as pullers.

In choosing an electric fan for primary cooling, four cylinder engines generally require 1,600 cubic feet per minute (CFM) minimum. Six cylinder engines generally require 2,000 CFM minimum, small cubic inch eight cylinder engines require 3,000 CFM and large cubic inch eight cylinder engines require a minimum of 4,500 CFM. Recommendations are based on stock engines and regular driving conditions. CFM estimates are based on the electric fan mounted behind the radiator in a pulling configuration. Electric fans mounted in front of the radiator, in a pushing configuration, are only 80% as effective.

Turbo-Flex High Performance Electric Fans are the most powerful electric fans available and are capable of moving almost twice the volume of air as competitive models. Features include high RPM pancake motors with dual ball bearing armature supports for longer life. 12inch fans have high strength, glass-filled nylon blades. All High Performance Electric Fans feature an open steel fan housing, a Perma-Cool exclusive, for unrestricted air flow.

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