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Holley 300-502 SysteMAX I Engine Kit For Small Block Chevrolet

Holley 300-502 SysteMAX I Engine Kit For Small Block Chevrolet Holley 300-502 SysteMAX I Engine Kit For Small Block Chevrolet
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Smog Legal
This product is legal ONLY for off highway use (except in California or states that have adopted California emission standards), racing use or for use on pre-emission-controlled motor vehicles/motor vehicle engines (pre-1966 domestic vehicles certified to California standards, pre-1968 domestic vehicles certified to federal standards and all pre-1968 foreign vehicles). NOT LEGAL for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles.
Holley SysteMAX for the 350 Chevrolet V-8 engine is engineered to produce maximum street power by allowing the engine to run more efficiently. Using a systems approach in the development process, Holley engineers tooled up an exceptional array of Chevrolet engine components. These, working in unison, are able to make excellent street-usable horsepower. This is what SysteMAX is all about - packaged performance. There's no guessing involved because all the parts are tested and proven to be the right stuff - good for about 65 horsepower over a stock Chevrolet 350 CID motor equipped with a Quadra-Jet 4-bbl carburetor with a nominal compression ratio of 8.5:1. This system is designed to be delivered as a complete kit because it ideally matches the contents for maximum performance.

SysteMAX Contents

Hydraulic Camshaft and Lifters (P/N 06108LK)
Dual Plane Aluminum Intake Manifold (P/N 300-36)
Double Roller Timing Chain and Gears (P/N 301-41) Assembly Lube


Intake Valve Lift/Duration: .458in/263 @ .006in
Exhaust Valve Lift/Duration: .458in/274 @ .006in
Valve Overlap: 50.5 @ .006in
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.5
Intake Valve Lobe Centerline: 105
Exhaust Valve Lobe Centerline: 113

The Chevrolet SysteMAX camshaft was designed by Holley to maximize the density of the intake charge, provide a more combustible air/fuel mixture and deliver a higher constant port velocity. On the street this means more usable and efficient power throughout the RPM band.


The lifters that come with the SysteMAX kit are flat tappet hydraulic.

Timing Chain & Gears

The double roller timing chain and gears provide for more precise timing and power.

Intake Manifold

The Holley SysteMAX dual plane aluminum intake manifold features large, smooth-flowing runners, a high-rise plenum and it makes power from off-idle to the 5500 RPM red line limit of the SysteMAX package. It's like the old LT-1 manifold only better. Has a square mounting flange and no EGR provision.

SysteMAX Recommendations

It's recommended that a 4-bolt main short block be used, although a good 2-bolt main short block can also be used. Minimum cylinder head valve size requirement is 1.94in intake diameter and 1.50in exhaust diameter. Compression requirement is 9.8:1. Holley testing was conducted with a 750 CFM vacuum secondary carburetor, P/N 0-3310. A good set of 1-5/8in tube headers used in conjunction with some high-flow/low back pressure mufflers won't hurt you either. If you're running an automatic transmission a 2,000-2,500 RPM stall converter will help lower drag strip times. New, top quality gaskets for your specific application are required separately and are not part of the package.

Manufacturer Information
Item: Chevy Systemax I
Item Number: 300-502
Approximate Item Package Dimensions: 22" x 17" x 8"
Approximate Item Package Weight: 34 lbs

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